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Welcome to Lambda Kappa, Inc. recruitment!  Joining our Co-Ed Fraternity is a great way to positively impact the community while ensuring our members experience personal growth.  We are a Non-Hazing Organization and will not tolerate any acts of hazing.  All parties involved in such acts will be ejected from the organization.

  The general membership intake process is held in both the Spring and Fall seasons.  We do have special Summer and Winter intake sessions, but only under certain circumstances.

  After the initial screening process, those that have been accepted to join will receive a "bid".  Interested individuals may accept or decline their bid.  Those that decline must wait one calendar year to reapply for membership.

  After successfully completing the membership intake process, you will be initiated as a new member of our organization.  Are you ready for YOUR journey?

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Lambda Kappa, Inc.
3203 W. Laskey Rd
Toledo, OH 43613


T: 248-277-2664


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